Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday!

The third week of the new practice is finished and I am happy to report many of my old patients are finding me.  It is great to have them in my office and there are lots of friendly and happy people.  There have been quite a few new faces as well, and clinics have been getting busier.  

For those patients, friends, and referring providers (and some of you are all three!) that have just discovered my blogspot, this is currently being used to let people know which plans I am accepting currently.  Kind of boring, but necessary.  As time goes on, I will use this blog to discuss knee conditions, treatment options, and announce upcoming talks and events.  

Here is the lastest list of the health plans I accept.  I hope you all have a great weekend, and stay out of the heat!!

Jeffrey Lyman, MD


-       Effective date at 3/1/09.



-       Effective 3/1/09.



-       Effective – 5/1/09



-       Effective 4/6/09.

Arizona Integrated Physicians:

-       Tentative 5/1 effective date.  Plans include: 

-       Great West:  Effective 4/20/09

-       Beechstreet::  Effective  4/13/09

-       Galaxy Health Network:  Effective 3/3/09

-       USA-MCO – Effective 4/1/09

-       ChoiceCare (Humana)

-       LifeWise (Pulling out of  Arizona – no contracts)

-       Fortified (not yet effective through AIP but directly as of 4/1/09.


Beech Street:

-       Effective date 4/13/09.


Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Tricare:

-       Effective 4/6/09



     -  Tentative 5/15/09 effective date.



-  Effective 4/23/09.


Corvel: (Through BC/BS)

-       Effective 4/6/09.



Effective 4/1/09. Direct Contract.



Health Choice:

  -  5/1/09 effective date.


Health Net:

  -  Effective 6/1/09



-       Projected 6/1/09 effective date.



-       Effective 5/1/09.


Mercy Care:

-       Effective 4/1/09



-       4/09/09 effective date.


RAN/AM – HMA:  (Healthcare Consortium of Arizona, PC): 

-       04/01/09 effective date.

Plans include:  Arizona Medical Network (AMN); Rural Arizona Network (RAN); Health Management Network (HMN)


SCAN Health Plan:

-       05/01/09 effective date.


United Health Care: (Includes APIPA, Evercare, Secure Horizons and Pacificare)

-       Effective May 1, 2009

University Physicians Healthcare (UPH):  Plans Include:  Maricopa Health Plan, Maricopa Care Advantage, University Family Care, University Physicians Care Advantage and University Physicians Healthcare Group.

-       6/1/09 effective date – confirmed.



-       4/1/09 Effective through Arizona Integrated Physicians

Friday, May 8, 2009

My latest update:  I now accept Healthnet insurance

Also: see the upcoming series of information on knee health and rehab.

Hope you are well...